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KCCure Represents Patients at AUA 2018

KCCure Represents Patients at AUA 2018

For the second year in a row, KCCure participated in the annual meeting for the American Urological Association.  This year, KCCure was instrumental in planning for the meeting by serving on the AUA 2018 Steering Committee for Patient Advocacy Efforts.

Highlights of this year’s conference included:

A Joint Symposium with advocacy partner Kidney Cancer Action Network(KCAN) on managing risk.

  • Patient Advisory Board Co-Chair Debbie Gottsleben presented the latest survey data gathered from our growing community of patients diagnosed with benign renal masses.  Our research shows that patients with benign masses suffer from significant anxiety and also lack standardized guidelines for treatment and follow-up.  Dr. Philip Pierorazio and Dr. Michael Gorin, urological oncologists from Johns Hopkins Medical School, joined the effort to share their latest research on the use of active surveillance in small masses and on the development of new novel imagine techniques.

KCCure data presented during the Moderated Poster Session.

  • KCCure was selected to present our data on patient perspectives in adjuvant therapy.  In addition to having our poster displayed, the data was presented as part of a moderated poster session highlighting the need for better understanding of patient needs and desires related to treatment.

Dena Battle, President of KCCure, participated in an AUA video for continuing medical education.

  • Dena joined RCC experts Dr. Monty Pal, Dr. Viraj Master, and Dr. William Huang to discuss Coordination of Care and the Patient’s Journey.  According to Battle, “For too long, we’ve lacked multi-disciplinary care in RCC. Other cancers have seen rapid growth in this area. Improved coordination between oncologists and urologists is one way that we can improve overall care for kidney cancer patients.”


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