Non-clear cell RCC Clinical Trials

Click on the NCI Trial ID to learn more about each trial including eligibility criteria and information about enrollment. Listing a study is not an endorsement of any clinical trial. 
NCI Trial IDHistologyTreatmentPhaseLocations
NCT02724878Non-clear cell RCCAtezolizumab + bevacizumab (immunotherapy + targeted therapy)IIMI, CA, MA
NCT03075423Non-clear cell RCCIpilimumab + nivolumab vs. sunitinib (immunotherapy or targeted therapy (VEGF))IIGermany
NCT02915783Non-clear cell RCCLenvatinib + everoliumus (targeted therapies: VEGF inhibitor + m-TOR inhibitor)IIFL,IL,MA,MO,TX,UT
NCT03177239Non-clear cell RCCNivolumab followed by ipilimumab+nivolumab (sequential immunotherapy)IIAustralia
NCT02626130Clear cell and non-clear cell RCCTremelimumab with or without cryoablation (immunotherapy in patients undergoing surgery)IHouston, TX
NCT01130519Papillary RCCBevacizumab + erlotinib (targeted therapy combination)IIBethesda, MD (NIH)
NCT02019693Papillary RCCCapmatinib (INC280) Targeted therapy - MET inhibitorIIBethesda, MD (NIH)
NCT02495103Clear cell and non-clear cell RCCVandetanib + MetforminI/IIBethesda, MD (NIH)
NCT02761057Papillary RCCCabozantinib or crizotinib or volitinib vs. sunitinib (MET inhibitors vs. VEGF inhibitor)II37 states in U.S. and Canada
NCT02819596Papillary RCCDurvalumab (MEDI4736) + savolintinibIIUK and Spain
NCT03091192Papillary RCC (c-MET positive disease)Savolitinib vs. sunitinibIII12 states in U.S., Brazil, France, Italy, Korea, Russia, Ukraine
NCT03319628Papillary RCCXMT-1536IMA,OK,PA,SC,TN,TX
NCT02363751Collecting Duct RCCGemcitabine + platinum + bevacizumab (chemotherapy + targeted therapy)IIFrance
NCT03274258Renal Medullary Carcinoma (RMC)Nivolumab + ipilumumabIIHouston, TX
NCT03055013Non-metastatic clear cell or non-clear cellNivolumab in patients either prior to nephrectomy or following nephrectomyIII38 states in U.S.
NCT02619253Clear cell and non-clear cell RCC and Urothelial CarcinomaPembrolizumab +Vorinostat
(Immunotherapy + HDAC Inhibitor)
NCT03435640Advanced solid tumor including RCCNKTR262 + NKTR 214 (combination immunotherapy)I/IIAZ, FL, GA, OR, TX
NCT03117309Clear cell and non-clear cellNivolumab and nivolumab + ipilimumabIIDC, IL, MA, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX
NCT03587662Renal Medullary Carcinoma and other tumors with loss of SMARCB1; including adult-onset rhabdoid tumorsIxazomib, Gemcitabine and DoxorubicinIIHouston, TX

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