Remembering those we lost to Kidney Cancer in 2019

More than 150,000 people worldwide died from kidney cancer this year. This is just a fraction of the toll that this disease has taken. Please take a moment to honor and remember those that we have lost.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Naomi Henley Grossman

So it’s July and it’s one year since my life changed. This was the day my doctor told me my hemoglobin had crashed to 5.2 and I had to go to the hospital for a blood transfusion. Even then, I had no clue that my life would never be the same again. It took another six weeks till they found the 15 cm cancerous tumor on my left kidney. After my kidney was removed I had 3 months of blessed remission before I was re diagnosed – this time with stage 4 RCC, including metastases in my lungs. What a year it has been, for me and my family. Having cancer is not just a terrible disease. It’s not just a bunch of often painful and unpleasant symptoms. It’s not just about the fear of death, of getting worse, or how my children would manage if I left this world. It’s a lot more than that. It’s about...

Tanner Miller – In Memoriam

Tanner Miller shares his story about how an RMC clinical trial at MDAnderson Comprehensive Cancer Center is shrinking his tumors and giving him hope for the future. My dream was falling into place, rounding out my senior year of college at Kansas State University with a couple of classes to complete… future job in financial advising/commodities and then September 22, 2015, arrived. “The worst day of my life.” The common stomachache turned to flank pain diagnosed as Renal Medullary Carcinoma (RMC), a rare form of kidney cancer attacking mainly young people in their twenties with Sickle Cell Trait. We had never heard of this type of kidney cancer, resulting in my mother turning to the internet and finding an article by Cora Connor mentioning MD Anderson (MDA), and Dr. Tannir, Depar...

Bardy McConnell – In Memoriam

Bardy shares his story about how the power of advocacy. By connecting with Cora Connor, founder of RMC Support and Dr. Nizar Tannir of MD Anderson Comprehensive Cancer Center, he was able to get the right care for a rare and aggressive form of kidney cancer. My Name is Bardolph McConnell, I was recently diagnosed with RMC or Renal Medullary Carcinoma which is a rare form of kidney cancer associated with sickle cell trait. I’m a 48 yr old African American with sickle trait. I had been having lower Back pain that I threw off as ordinary back pain untill I started urinating blood in December of 2018. I went to the emergency room where they did so many tests but couldn’t find anything wrong. I was a healthy man all my life with no ailments whatsoever. I kept going back to urgent ca...

Joanne’s Story – In Memoriam

"I know my kidney cancer journey has been tough but I am hopeful that my story will bring hope to others." Joanne share's her kidney cancer journey in hopes of inspiring others and sharing hope.

Alison Brooke McDonough – In Memoriam

KCCure tribute to Alison McDonough who bravely battle papillary RCC.

Joe Paterniti – In Memoriam

KCCure tribute to Joe Paterniti (1969-2017) a dedicated father and husband who lost his life to kidney cancer.

Keith Puls – In Memoriam

Keith M Puls (1958-2017) was diagnosed May 2017 with stage IV RCC. Keith and I began this journey scared and anxious. We fought hard and this disease was very powerful and overwhelming. Keith was an amazing chef, artist, and musician

Jennifer Leiser – In Memoriam

My unique combination makes me a lab rat for my oncologists, and that's okay— I hope that my story will help everyone impacted by Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and Renal Cell Carcinoma.

A Tribute to Life and a Mission for a Cure

Today would have been my late husband's 48th birthday. Help us share his story and raise funds to cure kidney cancer.

Chris Finan – In Memoriam

Christopher Michael Finan (1977-2016) was born in Fort Campbell, Ky., the son of John and Janice (Baldery) Finan Jr. He earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of Saint Mary and married Eva Ellen Hanson in 2013. Chris is survived by his wife and his two-year-old daughter, Ellen Christine. He was a loving husband to Eva, an amazing father to Ellen, and a devoted friend. Chris had a passion for home brewing, enjoyed duck hunting, movies, and his dogs, Brewer and Molly. He has left a resounding impact on those who were graced by his strength, kindness, humility and humor. — Fred and Linda Kesinger, Eva Finan, Penny and Michael Garner, Bruce and Ruth Uphoff, Jared and Sara Herzet, LTC Michael and Robin Johnson, Nancy and R.D. Hammel, Mary Ruth Williams, Debbi and David K...

John Costa – In Memoriam

John Costa was bold and passionate. He loved laughter, loved food, and most importantly, loved people. When he was diagnosed with kidney cancer, he told the doctors that he was going to beat it, and his story would be on their website. John stopped at nothing, traveling the country many times over to find the best and most aggressive treatment. He was also a generous man donating personally and raising money through his private accounting practice for the homeless and the hungry. He worked serving food and shopping for the local St. Vincent de Paul food pantry. John’s life ended three years later on October 6, 2013, his two children yet to graduate from college. John Costa’s life was the expression of passion and generosity. With your help, we can keep his love of life living on through th...

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