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World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day – June 21st

As members of the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC), KCCure is a proud partner and participant of the second-annual World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day.

Report from ASCO – CARMENA Trial

KCCure recently attended ASCO - the world's largest cancer research conference. Learn more below on why everyone in the kidney cancer world is talking about CARMENA.

Help Share the Patient Perspective at ASCO

During ASCO, new data was presented from the “CARMENA” trial showing that overall survival for metastatic patients was not improved by performing a nephrectomy (or removing the primary tumor).  This is a controversial question and one that is being debated by many physicians.  We want to include the patient voice in that debate.  Please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey ...

KCCure Represents Patients at AUA 2018

For the second year in a row, KCCure represented kidney cancer patients at the annual meeting for the American Urological Association.  This year, KCCure was instrumental in planning for the meeting by serving on the AUA Steering Committee for Patient Advocacy Efforts.  

KCCure President Dena Battle elected to NCI Genitourinary Steering Committee (GUSC)

Kidney Cancer Research Alliance (KCCure) President Dena Battle has been elected to represent patients on the National Cancer Institute's Genitourinary Steering Committee(GUSC).  The primary focus of the committee is to address design prioritization and evaluation of concepts for phase 2 and 3 clinical trials in GU cancers. Her term is effective May 25, 2018 and will last through May 2021.


“Today’s decision by the FDA is a game-changer for patients and physicians managing advanced kidney cancer,” said Hans Hammers M.D., Ph.D., KCCure co-founder and senior co-author of the clinical study for the combination.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Deb Gottsleben

Deb Gottsleben is co-chair of the KCCure Patient Advisory Board and a passionate advocate for better care for patients with newly diagnosed renal tumors.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Paul Vollmer

Today’s Voice of Kidney Cancer is a truly unique story of spontaneous remission. For the skeptics among us it is a story that one would expect to find in the sensationalist headlines of the tabloids in the supermarket checkout lanes. However, the story is real. This is Paul's story.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Larry Mazella

Today's Voice of Kidney Cancer, Larry Mazella shares how he was diagnosed and how he chose to participate in two different kidney cancer clinical trials. Even though his first treatment option wasn't successful, he was able to enroll in a second clinical trial that is continuing to shrink his cancer.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Bill Paseman

Today's Voice of Kidney Cancer is Bill Paseman.  In addition to being a survivor of papillary kidney cancer, he also serves on the KCCure Patient Advisory Board. Read Bill's story and how he's trying to use Silicon Valley style events to gather more information about this rare subtype of kidney cancer.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Kathleen Farrell

Today's Voice of Kidney Cancer is Kathleen Farrell.  March 28th is her ten-year kidney cancerserversary.  Ten years later, she shares the ups and downs of her journey. I think we all can agree - her spirit is inspiring! 

Voice of Kidney Cancer – George Hall

George Hall is a stage IV kidney cancer survivor and member of the KCCure Patient Advisory Board. He shares his story and how having a committed caregiver and trust in his medical care team have contributed to a hopeful outlook.

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