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In Memory of Keith Puls

Keith M Puls (1958-2017) was diagnosed May 2017 with stage IV RCC. Keith and I began this journey scared and anxious.  We fought hard and this disease was very powerful and overwhelming.  Keith was an amazing chef, artist, and musician. My children and I were lucky to have him in our lives.  While we had plans to marry in early 2018, Keith lost his battle too soon.  We miss you and love you always...

KCRP funding – Be ready to apply!

Register today to learn more about how to apply for new kidney cancer funding! Kidney cancer research funding will be provided for the fiscal year 2017 (FY17) through a new, $10 million, stand-alone program in the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs. This program is possible thanks to the advocacy efforts of kidney cancer patients and survivors, their loved one...

KCCure Research Priorities

Research Priorities in RCC When considering the state of the science in kidney cancer research, identify up to 3 knowledge gaps that, if filled, would have significant impact on patient care.[1] Earlier detection/prevention of kidney cancer. [2] Understanding genetic drivers in RCC to identify those in need of early screening; Better tools/less invasive measures that can be used for screening; Bet...

KCCure interviews Dr. Mike Atkins about the TIVO-3 trial

KCCure talks with Dr. Michael Atkins, Deputy Director of the Georgetown-Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center in Washington, DC about the TIVO-3 trial and what it means for kidney cancer patients.

New Clinical Trial for Kidney Cancer Treatment

A new class of drugs called HIF-2 inhibitors could change the landscape for kidney cancer.

To Cure Kidney Cancer, Grow the Community of Specialists

Curing and treating kidney cancer is a two-part challenge: raising research funds and attracting researchers to use them.

My Kidney Cancer Team and the Road to NED

By Mike Venable - I have a medical dream team, fine doctors who are the reason I’m classed as no evidence of disease (NED).

SPORE Grant Awarded to UTSW Kidney Cancer Program

Dr. James Brugarolas discusses the $11 million award for kidney cancer research.

No Tie July Raised $110,000 to Cure Kidney Cancer!

We did it! KCCure raised enough donations during No Tie July to fund our first kidney cancer research grant!

Committed to a Cure for Kidney Cancer

Five years ago a doctor told me I had kidney cancer. KCCure exists to fund the research necessary to end this cancer. Will you help us?

Gary Poteat – A Kidney Cancer Warrior

Gary Poteat is a kidney cancer warrior. Join our mission and fight alongside him and thousands more to put an end to this disease.

The Difficult Talks After Kidney Cancer

There’s no such thing as a right or wrong way to tell your children that one of their parents (and your spouse) has died. No one wants to talk about these things, but we have to.

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