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Politico Covers KCCure President Dena Battle

Politico Covers KCCure President Dena Battle

Thanks to Politico for this great call-out on KCCure co-founder and President Dena Battle! Also pictured above is KCCure co-founder Dr. Hans Hammers.

From Politico:

NEW BATTLE: Dena Battle, a tax lobbyist at Capitol Counsel formerly with the National Federation of Independent Business and the National Association of Manufacturers, founded the Kidney Cancer Research Alliance to push for more research funding. Battle’s husband, Chris (a communications aide to then-Rep. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.) who later worked for Adfero) was diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer at age 40 and passed away after being treated at four centers and participating in several clinical trials.

Since his death, Battle remained a patient advocate, serving on the advisory board for the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and as a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council.

“Knowing how limited a patient’s options are when fighting kidney cancer, and how frustrating the lack of research is for finding a cure, I hope that my personal experiences and passion for eliminating suffering and reducing deaths due to kidney cancer will add value to the patient advocacy community,” said Battle, who’ll be president of the new organization. Her co-founder is Dr. Hans Hammers, a leading kidney cancer specialist.

(Editor’s note: KCCure was also co-founded by Susan Poteat.)


Susan Poteat


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