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Voice of Kidney Cancer – Words from Forrest

Forrest is a stage 3 kidney cancer survivor.  He recently shared these thoughts in our clear cell kidney cancer patient community.  His words not only showcase how many patients feel on a daily basis – they also explain why we believe that connecting with other patients and caregivers is such a crucial part of survivorship for kidney cancer patients. Thank you Forrest for inspiring others! We hope today is a good day. But good or bad, we are all here to support you. My wife and I were talking last night, about how, in my career in the military and law enforcement, I faced many difficult, life altering, events. She asked me how I handled those things.  Well the true answer is not so well… that’s why now I struggle with severe PTSD. With Anxiety and Depression. I have pseudo-seiz...

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Amanda’s Story

Amanda Handcock shares the story of her dad’s brave fight with kidney cancer. Today, Amanda is an active advocate for other kidney cancer patients.  Thank you Amanda for sharing your story. Your dad is still inspiring others through your amazing voice. I can only hope he knew he was my hero. The man who I would compare all other men in my life. My father, Gary Wilfred Handcock, was a force to be reckoned with. An innate business sense from an early age and an old school work ethic that would tire an Olympic athlete. Through blood, sweat and tears he built a million-dollar company from the ground up and also fathered a family of three, the reason for whom he worked so hard. He thrived on beating the odds and being successful. His motivation and confidence grew over the years from over...

Kidney Cancer Patient Communities Matter

If you or someone you care for has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, we encourage you to seek out help from others from any one of the amazing kidney cancer patient communities that exist.  Whether you have stage 1 disease or stage 4 disease, there is a place of comfort for you. You are not alone!

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Michael Robson

Today, the combination of Yervoy and Opdivo is approved in the U.S., Canada and Australia for treatment of first line metastatic kidney cancer, thanks in part to pioneers like kidney cancer patient Michael Robson who bravely participated in clinical trials. Most recently, Dr. Jim Allison was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the mechanism that led to the development of these therapies.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Viola’s Story

Hello, my friends. Like you, I am at war with Stage Four RCC. I’ve learned so much from everyone of you. This week marks the fifth anniversary of my diagnosis. Like many of you, it just seemed like it was one excruciating event after another. Since the worst of it seemed to be the decimation of my left femur, I endured many operations, learning to walk four times. Finally a wonderful surgery implanted an artificial femur. It works for me. I have always been goal driven and I love Scotland, so last year, I got an all terrain walker, returned to Scotland to celebrate my 70th birthday by climbing Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano in Edinburgh. I climbed the rock face on my 40th Birthday, but could I do it again? I did, short leg, Stage Four Cancer, and all! What do I plan for this year? I’m g...

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Irene’s story

Prologue: This touching account of Irene’s brother Omar and his struggle with kidney cancer took place in the Philippines over six years ago. Shortly after his diagnosis, I was contacted by Irene and another sister Imee who lives in Singapore by e-mail; we remained in touch throughout the remainder of Omar’s life and occasionally thereafter. The family is still repaying loans for his treatment, and will be doing so for at least three more years.  Michael B. Lawing My brother, thirty-one-year-old Omar Sagud, was a husband and a father of three kids between the ages of four and one, who provided for his family by working as a technical support agent of a Business Process Outsourcing company in Manila, Philippines. His days off from work were spent hanging out with his family or playing baske...

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Barbara Muchow

Barbara Muchow is a kidney cancer survivor. She shares a beautiful story of friendship and loss and how it led to an early diagnosis of kidney cancer. To tell my cancer story I have to tell about my best friend of 40 years, Dorothy. Actually, Dorothy, her husband Bob and my husband and I were all best friends. We first met in Illinois as young parents and ended up in Nevada as retirees. Dorothy and Bob were genuine people, never put on airs, and very generous. I recall a time when Dorothy, our spouses, and I were preparing to take a cruise to Mexico to celebrate our wedding anniversaries. On the cruise one evening there was a captain’s dinner which we were going to attend and needed to dress up for. Finding an outfit for the dinner was turning into a disaster for me as I could not find sho...

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Katherine Battle

Katherine Battle was nine when her dad died of kidney cancer.  In this essay she writes about loss, remembrance and above all things - enduring love.  The past can't be changed - but her voice gives us all hope for the future.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – James

"I realize that there is no avoiding death from this disease, so I plan for its eventuality but I refuse to stop living. Cancer does not define me." James is a stage 4 kidney cancer survivor and this is is his story.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Julie Shill

Julie is a stage 4 kidney cancer survivor and author of the blog: Julie's Not Dying Today. Her latest post about working with Sonya Owens, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker on managing emotional aspects of cancer is something that all patients can benefit from. Thank you Julie for educating and inspiring!

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Deb Gottsleben

Deb Gottsleben is co-chair of the KCCure Patient Advisory Board and a passionate advocate for better care for patients with newly diagnosed renal tumors.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Paul Vollmer

Today’s Voice of Kidney Cancer is a truly unique story of spontaneous remission. For the skeptics among us it is a story that one would expect to find in the sensationalist headlines of the tabloids in the supermarket checkout lanes. However, the story is real. This is Paul's story.

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