KCRP funding – Be ready to apply!

Register today to learn more about how to apply for new kidney cancer funding! Kidney cancer research funding will be provided for the fiscal year 2017 (FY17) through a new, $10 million, stand-alone program in the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs. This program is possible thanks to the advocacy efforts of kidney cancer patients and survivors, their loved ones, and their many supporters. It is an enormous gain for kidney cancer research, having a protected line of funding for the first time in the CDMRP’s 24-year history. The AUA and its advocacy partners, Action to Kure Kidney Cancer (ACKC), KCCure, and the Kidney Cancer Action Network (KCAN), are hosting an informational webinar, with a presentation from the DoD’s KCRP Program Manager, Dr. Donna M. ...

KCCure Research Priorities

Research Priorities in RCC When considering the state of the science in kidney cancer research, identify up to 3 knowledge gaps that, if filled, would have significant impact on patient care.[1] Earlier detection/prevention of kidney cancer. [2] Understanding genetic drivers in RCC to identify those in need of early screening; Better tools/less invasive measures that can be used for screening; Better prognostication of risk and ability to prevent metastatic disease.[3] Better understanding of underlying pathology of the disease; More information about rare histological subtypes; Identifying additional biomarkers for risk; Adjuvant therapy to prevent metastatic disease; Effective treatment of metastatic disease. Identifying why some patients respond and others don’t to various therapies; Ov...

KCCure Co-founder Susan Poteat presents to IKCC in Poland

As a nuclear physicist, co-founder Susan Poteat is not only a great asset to KCCure, she's also an amazing resource to the global patient community.

KCCure interviews Dr. Mike Atkins about the TIVO-3 trial

KCCure talks with Dr. Michael Atkins, Deputy Director of the Georgetown-Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center in Washington, DC about the TIVO-3 trial and what it means for kidney cancer patients.

Harnessing Immuno-therapy for Kidney Cancer

Unleashing the immune system by inhibiting its natural breaks (i.e. immune checkpoints) has started an unprecedented revolution in cancer treatment.

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