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RadiCaL – RCC Clinical Trial

Do you like dynamic radioactive cancer fighting agents and hate painful fractures from metastatic bone disease? Then RadiCaL might be the trial for you!

This Clinical trial is actively recruiting and could greatly improve treatment for patients who have metastatic RCC that has spread to the bone.

    • Radium 223 dichloride is a radioactive drug that may directly target radiation to cancer cells, while minimizing harm to normal cells. 
    • Combining this drug with cabozantinib, a drug already FDA approved to treat metastatic RCC, may help lessen the pain and symptoms from bone metastases.

The goal of this clinical trial is to test whether adding Radium 223 improves care for patients with bone metastases. It is possible that this drug will not achieve that goal. To know for certain whether it works or not – this trial has two arms. A treatment arm and a control arm. Enrolling in this trial does not guarantee that you will be treated with Radium 223. Some patients will be randomized to the control arm and will be treated with cabozantinib alone. 

To qualify for the RadiCaL trial, you must: 

    • Have metastatic bone disease and at least one bone lesion that has not been treated with radiation.
    • Have not previously been treated with cabozantinib. 

Where can you participate?

RadiCaL is open at 36 centers in 15 different states around the United States. This list may change over time. Click here to view a full list of enrolling centers.

Click here to read a full description of this trial.


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