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You Are Not Alone

Kidney cancer awareness support

Since your kidney cancer diagnosis, you have been struggling emotionally. Your friends and family – the people you rely on the most – have responded in ways that you didn’t expect. Their comments are well intended – but they often come across as hollow and toxically positive.

When someone says, “be strong!” – it makes you wonder if they think you aren’t being strong. The words “be positive” feel the same way. Feeling anxious about your health and your future isn’t the same as “being negative.”

No one understands how you feel and that makes you feel even more alone. But today – everything changed. Today, you joined an on-line support group for kidney cancer patients.

Initially, you just read through the other comments. But then you finally got up the courage to share a bit about your diagnosis. Within minutes of posting, comments flooded in from people who completely understand how you feel!

Reading their posts makes you realize that you are not crazy – that your feelings are normal. When someone writes, “you will get through this,” the words aren’t hollow because they are coming from someone who is “getting through this.”

Unlike some of the other groups out there – this support group is private, well moderated and is made up of people who have similar diagnoses. No one is trying to sell you t-shirts or “all natural cures.” The members are all there just to welcome you and help you find your way. You have an amazing new lifeline of support made up of people you have never met – but they suddenly feel like your closest friends.  

For the first time in a long time – you are not alone.

Finding the Right Community is Important

KCCure led patient communities comprise over 9,000 members with four new members joining per day. Research shows that patients who participate in on-line health communities receive significant benefits, including:

  • Psychosocial support
  • Enhanced relationships with doctors
  • Increased access to information

But there are also potential risks. Some groups may be more prone to disinformation, predatory scams and conspiracy cures. Poor group composition can amplify statistical bias which can lead to unnecessary anxiety and medical distrust.

KCCure groups are designed to maximize the benefits of shared information while reducing the risk of harmful effects. Our unique overlapping communities provide the emotional support that patients desperately need – while also protecting their privacy and and promoting accuracy.

Support our mission – help us increase outreach and ensure that no kidney cancer patient feels alone. 

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, find the right support group for you!

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