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Kidney Cancer Awareness – March 2022

kidney cancer awareness

March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month!

Over 400,000 people worldwide will be diagnosed with kidney cancer this year. In the United States, 500,000 Americans are living with kidney cancer and 70,000 more will be diagnosed. March is our month to raise awareness about the impact of this disease and the need for more research. 

Over the last few months, the world has been captivated by shared puzzles. We can’t imagine a better puzzle to solve than finding CURES for kidney cancer patients. Be part of the solution this March!


LEARN: One of the biggest impediments to advancing cures for kidney cancer is a lack of understanding and awareness. Get the facts! Throughout the month – we will be posting Challenge Questions on our Facebook Page  – post your answer in the comment section. Check in the next day to see if you got it right and learn about important updates in kidney cancer!

SHARE: Every Friday – share how you are raising awareness for #kidneycancer! Are you wearing orange or green? Did you change your profile picture? Tag #KCCure in your awareness posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so we can engage, share and increase visibility! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can like, comment and share updates that are meaningful to you.

FUNDS: KCCure research grants are designed to drive resources toward priority areas that have been left out of traditional funding programs. As we share facts and updates about kidney cancer, we will also provide links to show how you can contribute to underserved research areas. Areas of focus include: early detection of kidney cancer, research aimed at preventing recurrent disease, improved management of metastatic disease, and research for rare kidney cancers.

Kidney cancer may be a rare disease – but March offers us an opportunity to unite together to be heard and seen!

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