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March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month – Join our Facebook Campaign and tell your story!

March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month – Join our Facebook Campaign and tell your story!

I’ll be honest, there’s something about the word “awareness” that I’ve never really liked – I think it’s because I wish we didn’t have to be aware of kidney cancer.  And I suppose it makes sense, because our goal at KCCure is to raise money for research to eliminate kidney cancer – to end the need for an awareness month.

But for now, there are too many reminders that it still exists.  Spending the day yesterday with a patient, I was reminded how little we know about rare subtypes like Translocation Xp112.  At the ASCO-GU conference in Florida last month, we saw papers presented on the need for more knowledge about Renal Medullary Carcinoma, a rare and aggressive variant of kidney cancer.  We heard from Dr. Marston Linehan about how far we’ve come in finding genetic ties to kidney cancer – and the reality of how far we still have to go.

After posting some of the new research from ASCO to the SmartPatients kidney cancer community – one patient expressed disappointment about not seeing enough progress.  I understand the frustration.  When you’re battling the disease – a cure can’t come fast enough.

This month, we’re asking all of you who are on the front lines of kidney cancer to share your story.  Make the world aware – not that kidney cancer exists – but that YOU exist.  Tell the world about your battle – tell us what research means for you and for your family.  Need some inspiration?  Just look at Finn’s picture and you’ll know what research means to him.

Will you ask your friends and family to donate to research?  Every dollar matters and every dollar goes directly to our research grant program to fund new knowledge toward a cure.

We’ve made it easy – if you’re on Facebook, you can raise money for KCCure right on your page.  By clicking the fundraising button and selecting KCCure, you can tell your story and ask friends to donate.  Facebook makes it easy!  Not active on Facebook?  That’s ok.  Share your story via e-mail, twitter, Instagram, or draw a picture like Finn did!  Ask them to donate to – they can even specify that the donation is in your honor!  Share your story and we’ll post in on our homepage!

Raising money is the most difficult part of our jobs at KCCure – but finding a cure will be the greatest reward.  This March – help us Fund Research to end the need for awareness!  KCCure – Research Begins Here.

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Dena Battle is the President and cofounder of KCCure.

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