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Voice of Kidney Cancer – Holly Johnston

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Holly Johnston

Holly Johnston, is a stage 4 kidney cancer patient, but she doesn’t let herself be defined by her diagnosis. Thank you for lending your voice!

March is Kidney Cancer Awareness month and my very efficient, hard working 90% of my left and only kidney would like to say something.

No microphone needed as this is not an awards show but a REWARD to all that adapt, re-think and change as life shines forward. I can only hope that any of you that get diagnosed with cancer realize how many resources there are available to you. So pay attention to those tiny voices inside and if something feels wrong with your body, act on that. Awareness and action could save your life.

And if you already have cancer, we know it’s SO not black and white. At times, it feels as if all your color has been pulled from your body. Your past self is just that, way in the past. But your mind does not forget how you once were. In fact, it believes you are still that bubbly girl be-bopping around with jewels on your hat and singing a rock-n-roll song. Even if….there are now physical limitations. I don’t like all the changes I have faced but I’ve been able to figure out what is best for me which totally includes adding daily color to my palette. Seeing a different finish to the painting can boost all that is good and hopeful in your head.

It is true that one does the very best you can do depending on what you are faced with. But I was reminded a long time ago from a special soul that you must do better than the best you can do. Remember, adapt, rethink and change. Modify yourself for new purpose. Find the palette you are comfortable with no matter what it is and SQUEEZE color often!

The envelope doesn’t define you. It’s how you use what’s in the envelope that is key. Peace and love.

And the winner is?

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Dena Battle is the President and cofounder of KCCure.

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