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Get Casual for #NoTieJuly!

No Tie July

Many thanks to FamousDC’s Katherine Richardson for this great article about KCCure and our month-long fundraising effort, No Tie July!

Get Casual for #NoTieJuly! – FamousDC

Dena Battle’s husband Chris passed away in 2013 after a four-year fight with kidney cancer.

But Dena, a former House staffer and lobbyist, has not stopped fighting. She started the Kidney Cancer Research Alliance (also known as KCCure) this year to help raise funds for accelerated cancer research.

“Every year, 60,000 people are diagnosed with kidney cancer, and we do not have the right treatments to cure them all,” Dena said. “Help us help them.”

Dena wants to save lives, one dollar at a time. This month is “No Tie July,” and the month-long fundraising effort requires just one thing: that you remove ties from your wardrobe for one month. Why no ties? Because when it comes to kidney cancer, KCCure doesn’t believe a “tie” is good enough. They want a win.

This is pretty great for multiple reasons. First of all, every day you don’t wear a tie, KCCure asks that you pledge a dollar amount on their site. Each dollar you donate will go directly to funding kidney cancer research.

Second of all, every day at work can be Casual Friday. Plus, you can’t even get in trouble because you’re dressing down for a fantastic cause.

So loosen your collar, snap some pictures of your new look, and post them on social media with the hashtag #NoTieJuly to spread the word!

Originally published by FamousDC.

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