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No Tie July 2021

No Tie July 2020

What is No Tie July?

No Tie July is our annual fundraising effort where we raise $50,000 – one year of research funding – in just one month!

Since our launch in 2016, this fundraising effort has helped us to award $400,000 in direct research grants.

How Can You Participate?

1.) Designate a Research Priority

This year, we are excited to unveil a new feature of our Research Grant Program that lets YOU decide what research you want to fund. Our Patient Driven Research Grants let patients set the priorities for where research is needed most!

  • At least 30 percent of kidney cancer patients have subtypes where no therapeutic options have been identified and no management strategies exist. Want to direct research toward rare subtypes of kidney cancer, such as Chromophobe RCC, Papillary RCC and Translocation RCC? You can!
  • Two thirds of kidney cancer patients will be diagnosed with localized disease – cancer that is confined to the kidney. Even though this patient population represents the largest group of kidney cancer patients – little research is focused on their care. Funding for the development of new surgical techniques, better imaging, and updating surveillance standards is severely limited. Want to change that? Support the Localized Kidney Cancer Research Grant.

You can also simply donate to the Kidney Cancer Research Program and drive funding toward innovation and advances for all kidney cancer patients.

Thanks to dedicated Patient Teams, these grants are already on their way to being funded.

2.) Launch a Facebook Fundraiser

  • To designate your fundraiser to a specific research priority, include your priority in the title. For example: “My fundraiser for Chromophobe Kidney Cancer Research.”
  • Personalize the fundraiser and share why this cause is so important to you.
  • Set a realistic goal – every amount is meaningful.
  • Share with friends – and ask your friends to share with their friends!

Facebook Fundraisers have raised over $250,000 for Kidney Cancer Research Grant Funding!

3.) Share KCCure Fundraisers and Posts
  • KCCure Fundraisers and Facts with “donate” buttons will be running on our social media channels throughout the month for all of our research priority areas.
  • Share posts and fundraisers that are meaningful to you!
4.) Help Raise Awareness about Research Priority Areas

Throughout the month, we will be showing facts about gaps in care for Chromophobe RCC, Papillary RCC, Translocation RCC, Localized Kidney Cancer and Kidney Cancer in general on all of our social media channels.

  • Make your Voice Heard!
  • Show your support for research priorities by commenting, reacting and sharing, and retweeting posts.
  • At the end of the month – we will announce which research areas got the highest engagement rates!
5.) Reach Our Goal Together!

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