Patient Stories

Renal Medullary Carcinoma (RMC) – Rare but not Invisible

There are rare subtypes of kidney cancer that don't get enough attention.

Reasons for Today – Thirsty for Life

Quench your thirst for kidney cancer information and support.

Reasons for Today – Life is a Painting

Living with kidney cancer, remember the colors of individuality.

A Guide to Living with Stage IV Kidney Cancer

Those of us who have survived for years should never lose sight of how lucky we are.

The Promise of Kidney Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy may be the future of cancer treatment, but we are just beginning to understand how it works.

Familial Kidney Cancer and the Unknown Gene

Your family history is important for understanding a risk for kidney cancer and the genes that cause it.

My Kidney Cancer Team and the Road to NED

By Mike Venable - I have a medical dream team, fine doctors who are the reason I’m classed as no evidence of disease (NED).

D-Day for a Kidney Cancer Warrior

When my late husband was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer, he called it D-Day. From that moment on, every day was a gift.

The Kidney Cancer Code – Mike Venable’s Latest

Mike Venable’s latest writing is a story of what he has gone through to fight kidney cancer and spend another day with the love of his life.

Unfinished Tasks – Cure Kidney Cancer

Dena Battle is the co-founder and President of KCCure. This is her story about why, after losing her husband to kidney cancer, she decided to dedicate her life to changing the landscape for others and finding a cure for this disease.

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