Author: Holly Johnston

Pearls of wisdom in an oyster cracker

I do see the pearl of wisdom even if it’s in an oyster cracker in a styrofoam cup. Today was my first and last scan for the year. A first because I’m on a different kind of treatment now which is not chemotherapy based, but immune therapy based. First scan on a new drug always has my thoughts in open waters and sinking. Oysters are heavy you know. And last, because I have no more scans for the res...

Reasons for Today – Flow Like Water

Holidays can be difficult for kidney cancer patients and caregivers, but there is a path to peace.

Reasons for Today – Climbing With Cancer

Kidney cancer can be just like scaling mountains.

Reasons for Today – Thirsty for Life

Quench your thirst for kidney cancer information and support.

Reasons for Today – Life is a Painting

Living with kidney cancer, remember the colors of individuality.

With Kidney Cancer, the Journey and Gifts Continue

After 11 years fighting kidney cancer, the gifts of life are everywhere, even in clinical trials.

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