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Voice of Kidney Cancer – Bill Paseman

Today's Voice of Kidney Cancer is Bill Paseman.  In addition to being a survivor of papillary kidney cancer, he also serves on the KCCure Patient Advisory Board. Read Bill's story and how he's trying to use Silicon Valley style events to gather more information about this rare subtype of kidney cancer.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Kathleen Farrell

Today's Voice of Kidney Cancer is Kathleen Farrell.  March 28th is her ten-year kidney cancerserversary.  Ten years later, she shares the ups and downs of her journey. I think we all can agree - her spirit is inspiring! 

Voice of Kidney Cancer – George Hall

George Hall is a stage IV kidney cancer survivor and member of the KCCure Patient Advisory Board. He shares his story and how having a committed caregiver and trust in his medical care team have contributed to a hopeful outlook.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Team Chema

Maria Teresa Fahy lost her beloved father, Chema, to kidney cancer. But in that loss, she found strength in others and today is devoted to kidney cancer patient advocacy. In addition to running the Facebook page Team Chema, she also serves on the KCCure Patient Advisory Board.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Johanna Allen

Today's Voice of Kidney Cancer is Johanna Allen. She writes about losing. her mother to the disease and how hard it was when they ran out of treatment options.  Her story is a call to action for more kidney cancer research - so no doctor has to say and no patient has to hear, "we have no more options."  We couldn't agree more. Thank you Johanna.  

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Patricia Nichols

Patricia Nichols is a survivor of chromophobe renal cell carcinoma. As a young single mother, she struggled with access to care and the fear and anxiety that go along with a cancer diagnosis. Today, because she found an exceptional care team, she's free of cancer. This is her story.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Robin Martinez

Robin Martinez is the coordinator of communities at SmartPatients.com and has been counseling kidney cancer patients for over twenty years. Prior to launching SmartPatients, she was co-listowner for the Kidney-One mailing list. This is her story.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Anonymous

The story below was written by a kidney cancer patient who asked to remain anonymous. Many patients struggle daily with the issue of when it's safe to reveal their diagnosis. They have valid concerns about how cancer will impact their relationships, their employment status, their financial security.  Not being able to share their story with others makes the journey even harder. It's one of the reasons that we encourage all patients to find a patient community to be a part of. You are not alone. This is the voice of kidney cancer.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Mallory Douge

Mallory Douge was diagnosed with papillary renal cell carcinoma (pRCC) at the age of 25.  Today, in addition to being a kidney cancer survivor, she's also a tireless advocate for young adults diagnosed with RCC.  This is her story.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Andrew Zapanta

Andrew Zapanta is a kidney cancer survivor who was diagnosed just twelve days after his wedding. Read his story about how staying healthy, family and friends and his strong faith have helped him survive. 

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Camille Butler

Camille Butler tells the heartbreaking story of losing her daughter Journey to Renal Medullary Carcinoma (RMC). This is her story.

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Jack Vitale

Jack Vitale is a stage 4 kidney cancer survivor. He shares how he's managed his diagnosis, treatments and side-effects and how he lives every day with kidney cancer. This is his story.

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