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Voice of Kidney Cancer – Mary Kammerer-Miskovsky

Chuck Drake

Our life changed forever when my husband Rick was diagnosed with Stage IV aggressive clear cell renal carcinoma on New Years Eve of 2018.

In the beginning, all I knew was fear until I joined KCCure. The amazing support we have received is beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Because of KCCure we went for a second opinion and found an AMAZING RCC oncologist, Dr. Chuck Drake, at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center.

My husband is currently in a clinical trial and responding well. We have HOPE again. I want to help others realize there is HOPE.  I want them to know there are many tomorrows left.

Our Story is FAR from OVER and I want others in the same situation to know neither is there’s.

Mary Kammerer-Miskovsky is a patient ambassador for KCCure. She’s a leader in our Caregiver Community and our Clear Cell Kidney Cancer Support Community. For the month of July, Mary has raised almost $3,000 for kidney cancer research. Click here to contribute to her Facebook Fundraiser or donate in her honor at KCCure.

Dr. Charles Drake is a world renowned expert in immunotherapy and kidney cancer. He serves as a member of the KCCure Scientific Advisory Board.

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