Author: Dena Battle

Shoes and Kidney Cancer Clinical Trials

I have a confession to make. I have a slight obsession with shoes...and kidney cancer clinical trials. They're not just for special occasions.

In July, We Can’t Have a Tie – We Must Have a Win!

KCCure has been offered a $50,000 matching grant for all donations during No Tie July. But a “match” is actually a tie! Help us raise $60,000 this month.

The Kidney Cancer Code – Mike Venable’s Latest

Mike Venable’s latest writing is a story of what he has gone through to fight kidney cancer and spend another day with the love of his life.

A Community of Hope for Kidney Cancer

When we announced KCCure, we were touched by messages sent to us through the website, Facebook and Twitter, from people struggling with kidney cancer.

Unfinished Tasks – Cure Kidney Cancer

This is a task list of a dying man. I see it whenever I click the “reminder icon” on my phone. Will you add a few items to your task list?

Unlocking the Mixed-up Cancer Drug Names

Knowing the drug names and suffixes and figuring out which drug fits with what is important – and not just so you can pretend like you’re an oncologist on TV.

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