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Everyone Can Help Raise Funds for Kidney Cancer Research

Paint for the Cure

Recently, a friend reached out to ask how she could help KCCure. When I told her that what we need most is for people to help us raise money, she demurred, saying, “It’s really not my thing.”

I understood exactly where she was coming from. The truth is, it’s not my thing either. Asking people for money is hard—and sometimes uncomfortable.

Since we launched KCCure, we have learned a lot, including about how money is raised. While we have had a few extremely generous donors who made large contributions, more than half of the funds we’re now offering to researchers in KCCure’s first grant opportunity come from smaller contributions, ranging from $25 to $100. In the mission to cure kidney cancer, every dollar counts. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – in fact, it can be fun! Want some inspiration? How about a painting party?

Over the summer, while sipping cocktails by the pool, my mother-in-law Linda and cousin Melissa came up with the idea of “Paint for the Cure.” Turns out, painting parties are all the rage these days. It’s a simple idea that is more fun than work. A professional artist comes to your home, provides painting supplies, and walks participants step-by-step through creating their own individual masterpiece.

Butterfly Painting

Painting donated for ‘Paint for the Cure’ auction

What Linda and Melissa realized when they started working on Paint for the Cure was that there were many people who wanted to help. People brought food and drinks to share. Local artists contributed their paintings and photography towards a silent auction. Even Chic-fil-A kicked in a gift certificate.

The result was a lot of fun and $1,400 in donations for kidney cancer research. The next day, Linda and Melissa called me to share the news of their success and their plans for a second annual Paint for the Cure!

The thing about fundraising is that every dollar counts. Just like in cancer research, when it comes to raising money, small incremental advances add up to big change. Worried that you can’t raise enough? Don’t be deterred. Every dollar makes a difference when it comes to finding a cure.

Painting isn’t the only creative idea. How about a chili cook-off? Or a game night with neighbors and friends? How about a yard sale where neighbors donate the extra items they found during spring cleaning? The only limit on how we can all raise funds is our imagination. Do you have another idea? We want to hear it! Join our community brainstorm on Facebook or comment below on the website.

Thinking about hosting an event? Check out these helpful resources:

When you’re ready to host your event, let us know, and we’ll feature your event and your success on the site. Fundraising can seem daunting, but all of us can play an important part in the mission to raise research funds to cure kidney cancer.

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Dena Battle is the President and cofounder of KCCure.

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