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I’ll be honest, there’s something about the word “awareness” that I’ve never really liked – I think it’s because I wish we didn’t have to be aware of kidney cancer.  And I suppose it makes sense, because our goal at KCCure is to raise money for research to eliminate kidney cancer – to end the need for an awareness month. But for now, there are too many reminders that it still exists.  Spending the day yesterday with a patient, I was reminded how little we know about rare subtypes like Translocation Xp112.  At the ASCO-GU conference in Florida last month, we saw papers presented on the need for more knowledge about Renal Medullary Carcinoma, a rare and aggressive variant of kidney cancer.  We heard from Dr. Marston Linehan about how far we’ve come in finding genetic ...

With Kidney Cancer, the Journey and Gifts Continue

After 11 years fighting kidney cancer, the gifts of life are everywhere, even in clinical trials.

Everyone Can Help Raise Funds for Kidney Cancer Research

As with cancer research, when it comes to fundraising, small advances add up to big change.

Birthday Wish – A Cure for Kidney Cancer

With new research, we can create more reasons to celebrate.

New Clinical Trial for Kidney Cancer Treatment

A new class of drugs called HIF-2 inhibitors could change the landscape for kidney cancer.

A DNA Rosetta Stone – Translation Missing for Kidney Cancer

For kidney cancer, more research is needed for genomic analysis to inform personalized treatments.

In Kidney Cancer Care, You are the Center of the Team

When it comes to kidney cancer care, are patients and caregivers part of the team?

Curing Kidney Cancer Takes Big Thinking

To find a cure for kidney cancer, we need the kind of fearless thinking that put a man on the moon.

To Cure Kidney Cancer, Grow the Community of Specialists

Curing and treating kidney cancer is a two-part challenge: raising research funds and attracting researchers to use them.

Are you an Advocate for Kidney Cancer Research?

I didn't plan to be a kidney cancer advocate—it found me, and one day, there was just no turning back.

SPORE Grant Awarded to UTSW Kidney Cancer Program

Dr. James Brugarolas discusses the $11 million award for kidney cancer research.

Kidney Cancer Oncologist Breaks the Glass Ceiling

I was thrilled to see the unexpected news that Dr. Toni Choueiri will become Director of the Genitourinary Oncology Disease Center and the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology.

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