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Reasons for Today – Climbing With Cancer

Climbing mountains

My back is still in pain due to a fracture from a tumor on my spine. The decision to drive through the Georgia and North Carolina mountains was a tough one. I knew it would be painful. But my camera always makes my decision for me. Last week, I followed the road in the Nantahala National Forest to Blue Valley Overlook in Highlands, NC. Not a soul on the road. Leaves peaked according to most but for me, I had my own forest of beauty. My body forgets the pain as it sees those beautiful mountains. Give the mind time to think about the next step and pack accordingly.

Climbing those mountains is easier with KCCure support. Kidney cancer can be just like these mountains. You can visualize the end result, but the haze can cover you in doubt. They are here to help you navigate the climb. Look through the haze. The image is still there. But you might need help seeing it.

Personally, I want to climb all the mountains. I want to head deep into the unknown because if you can pause to clear your mind for a moment, the climb is easier.

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Holly Johnston is an 11-year kidney cancer survivor, a photographer and writer, and a lover of life.

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