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Reasons for Today – Flow Like Water

Flow Like Water

I have to look. That dark hole can’t be as scary as I think.

Here is another shot from my trip to Highlands, NC at one of my favorite waterfalls called Dry Falls. Such power and strength the water has plunging down as gravity forces it to rush towards the awaiting pool of calm at the bottom.

The holidays can sometimes make cancer patients and caregivers drenched with cold, spattering spray as they often don’t feel the soothing water over the curved rocks that they see below. There seems to be no comfortable flow for folks left with emotions that can drown them. But I challenge you to follow the power of finding your calm.

The water knows where to go. It follows the path of the rock and is escorted softly over the weathered rocks. There is no denying it’s a bumpy ride sometimes, but I say, go through the blackhole. It only looks unfriendly, but water still travels through it anyway. And sure, it curves and bends not making sense to you, but the water still gets through. You may not see the path, but it is there.

Feel the smooth rock. Let the water rush over you awakening to the calm below. Be the rock for your family. Set the lead exploring places that might be a little scary. Lean over and on all who love you. Call on KCCure too. They are a big help navigating the turns in kidney cancer.

And most importantly, breathe in the beauty of life no matter how big or how small. There is a heater in your car to dry off after you get wet!

Flow Like Water

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Holly Johnston is an 11-year kidney cancer survivor, a photographer and writer, and a lover of life.

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