Author: Susan Poteat

A DNA Rosetta Stone – Translation Missing for Kidney Cancer

For kidney cancer, more research is needed for genomic analysis to inform personalized treatments.

Curing Kidney Cancer Takes Big Thinking

To find a cure for kidney cancer, we need the kind of fearless thinking that put a man on the moon.

Are you an Advocate for Kidney Cancer Research?

I didn't plan to be a kidney cancer advocate—it found me, and one day, there was just no turning back.

Kidney Cancer Oncologist Breaks the Glass Ceiling

I was thrilled to see the unexpected news that Dr. Toni Choueiri will become Director of the Genitourinary Oncology Disease Center and the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology.

Kidney Cancer Research – Voice of Dr. Charles Drake

I asked an oncologist why he thinks we need funding for kidney cancer research immediately. Here is what he said.

The Secret Survivors – Cancer Warriors Among Us

Cancer survivors are everywhere, but are we taking the opportunity to ask, "How has it changed you?" Opening my eyes and asking that question has changed me.

No New Kidney Cancer Trials…Again

A search of National Cancer Institute website shows no new kidney cancer trials anywhere in the United States, same as last week. It's time to fund new research.

Phase 1 – In Search of Miracles

Even with tough cancers like kidney cancer, we can see miracles. In genetics research, we are seeing the miracle of the blueprint of cancer slowly unfolding.

Trading Risk for Hope

Some of you have known Gary and me for years. We have been fighting kidney cancer for more than a decade, but we still move forward with hope.

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