Janet Plantin – In Memoriam

Janet PlantinJanet Plantin 1947-2016 was diagnosed with stage IV RCC in October 2010. “It’s not the end of the world,” I remember her doctor saying. “Maybe not to you,” was my first thought. Janet managed to get into the car before breaking down. “I’ve ruined everything.” We had planned our retirement lives for years and had been fortunate to retire early, moving from Long Island to North Carolina in 2001.

We spent that weekend crying, hugging and consoling each other, as well as researching our options. We were scheduled to play golf that Monday, which we did. After golf, we would begin sharing our bad news with family, friends and neighbors. Janet was determined to fight her cancer as aggressively as possible and to not let this ruin our lives.

After getting a second opinion, she had surgery followed by IL2, then the various targeted drugs, clinical trials, radiation and Optivo. “I’m doing this for us,” she often said as she suffered most of the side effects at one time or another.

Janet also was determined to work on her bucket list. Zip lining in Alaska, cruising with friends on our boat, spending the winters in Vermont skiing (for her 50th year in a row), golfing (always seeking her fifth hole-in-one), and of course, partying. Read more about Janet’s life. I miss you honey. — Forever, your Kenny

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