Tony LiVigni – Director, Technology and Patient Communities

Tony LiVigni

Tony LiVigni

Tony LaVigni was diagnosed with stage 3 papillary renal cell carcinoma two years ago.  After he was diagnosed, he felt compelled to do everything possible to help others facing the same situation.

He is a leader in our patient communities with a specialized focus in research for rare types of kidney cancer.  Since joining KCCure, in addition to his continued advocacy, he has helped to expand our technological capabilities by building a new on-line chat so that patients can connect with one another in real time.  He’s also working to expand our capabilities to provide increased video and audio content to all patients facing a kidney cancer diagnosis.

Tony leads KCCure’s effort to ensure that non-clear cell patients have access to the best treatments available by keeping an updated chart of the latest clinical trials as they open.  Since joining KCCure, Tony has helped to build the largest kidney cancer community for papillary RCC patients.

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