KCCure Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Over the last decade, advances in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) have resulted in significantly improved clinical outcomes for patients. However, those improvements have not been equally shared across diverse populations.

Five-year survival rates for RCC have improved for White patients, while survival outcomes have remained stagnant for Black patients during the same period. Mortality rates in kidney cancer remain higher among populations of color including, Blacks, Hispanics, American Indian/Alaska Natives than in White patients. While many factors can impact survival differences, it is clear that long-standing systemic inequities at all levels of care contribute significantly to higher death rates for disadvantaged populations with RCC.

KCCure is an evidence based, patient driven kidney cancer advocacy organization. To ensure that our dedication to improving outcomes extends to all patients impacted by this disease, KCCure is committed to the following goals:

  • Incorporating diversity, inclusion, and equity into all aspects of our vision and mission. 
  • Increasing direct outreach to patients from disadvantaged communities so we can better understand and serve their needs. We aim to achieve this goal by increasing diversity in our support communities, activating patient leaders from communities of color, and partnering with community-based organizations who share mutual goals. 
  • Dedicating resources toward identifying, addressing, and eliminating disparities affecting kidney cancer patient outcomes. We commit to using our patient-centered research program to uncover and highlight disparities in care through dedicated surveys, abstracts, and publications, increasing diversity in our scientific advisory board and engaging and partnering with researchers who are focused on issues related to disparities in care. 
  • Educating and empowering patients from disadvantaged communities to advocate individually and as one voice to improve care and optimize outcomes. 

As an organization, we pledge to:

  • Recognize and address inequities in our politics, programs and services.
  • Investigate underlying assumptions that interfere with our diversity policy.
  • Create new learning opportunities and formal, transparent policies as we strive for cultural competency throughout our organization.
  • Develop internal resources that demonstrate our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity and present them to our members and members of our community.
  • Develop a system to create awareness and address biases during our recruiting, hiring, and evaluating processes.
  • Commit to leading with respect and tolerance and encourage all employees and volunteers to express this in their work within our organization.

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