Elliot Reno

Elliot Reno, Medical Science Liaison at Pharmacyclics an AbbVie wholly owned subsidiary joins the KCCure board with a career long passion for the development of treatments for mRCC.  Elliot began his career at Cetus Oncology/Chiron at the earliest days of immunotherapy working with interleukin-2.  While at Cetus/Chiron, Elliot worked closely with the Cytokine Working Group on a number of clinical research programs in hopes of better defining who were the appropriate candidates for IL-2 treatment and programs designed to potentially improve efficacy and at the same time minimize toxicities of the treatment.  From the earliest days of immunotherapy to the recent breakthroughs with the new class of IO’s, Elliot has taken opportunities to work with companies who’s products were focused on mRCC having been at AVEO Oncology and Argos Therapeutics.

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