Dena Battle – President

president, KCCure

Dena Battle

Dena Battle is the co-founder and President of KCCure, a non-profit organization dedicated to evidence based, patient driven advocacy for kidney cancer.

Launched in 2016, KCCure has raised over $1.5 million for kidney cancer research, established a peer reviewed research grant program, and created a patient centered research program aimed at providing quantitative information about patient preferences and desires related to care and treatment. KCCure communities provide a platform for patients to connect with others, share their stories and have their voice represented in research.

She began her career in Washington, DC, as a congressional aide, and spent nearly two decades working in economic and health care policy. She has policy expertise in health care reimbursement, tax treatment of benefit plans, and corporate research and development policy.

In 2009, at the age of 40, Dena’s late husband Chris was diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer. Together, they began a quest for the best care possible to combat the disease. Chris was treated at four different comprehensive cancer centers and participated in multiple clinical trials. Following his death in 2013, Dena became active as a kidney cancer patient advocate.

In addition to her work with KCCure, she serves on the NCI GU Steering Committee which oversees the Renal Task Force, and serves on the GU Steering Committee for the Alliance Cooperative Group. She has testified before the FDA – Oncological Drug Advisory Board (ODAC) and has authored and co-authored numerous publications on patient perspectives in cancer care.,5483.html

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