Kidney Cancer

KCCure – Finding Quality of Life – Palliative Care

In the making a difference series, KCCure’s Director of Patient Engagement, Laura Loughlin, shares how connecting with palliative care improved her quality of life during radiation treatment, and explores how palliative care services can improve the quality of life for both patients and their families. When I was first diagnosed in 2016 with stage 4 RCC an oncologist told me that from that point forward my life would be a series of choices balancing quality vs. quantity of life.   When I was told this, I was hospitalized with side effects from my surgery and from high dose radiation to my thyroid due to a spread of the RCC.  My quality of life was poor, and I was offered palliative care.  At the time I was not aware of what palliative care was, but without a doubt palliative care become my...

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Barbara Muchow

Barbara Muchow is a kidney cancer survivor. She shares a beautiful story of friendship and loss and how it led to an early diagnosis of kidney cancer. To tell my cancer story I have to tell about my best friend of 40 years, Dorothy. Actually, Dorothy, her husband Bob and my husband and I were all best friends. We first met in Illinois as young parents and ended up in Nevada as retirees. Dorothy and Bob were genuine people, never put on airs, and very generous. I recall a time when Dorothy, our spouses, and I were preparing to take a cruise to Mexico to celebrate our wedding anniversaries. On the cruise one evening there was a captain’s dinner which we were going to attend and needed to dress up for. Finding an outfit for the dinner was turning into a disaster for me as I could not find sho...

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Julie Shill

Julie is a stage 4 kidney cancer survivor and author of the blog: Julie's Not Dying Today. Her latest post about working with Sonya Owens, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker on managing emotional aspects of cancer is something that all patients can benefit from. Thank you Julie for educating and inspiring!

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