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Survey shows kidney cancer patients want more information

A Kidney Cancer UK survey has highlighted an “urgent need” for earlier diagnosis of kidney cancer, revealing that, in 51 percent of cases, the disease is detected from scans relating to other health conditions.

Kidney Cancer UK says it is disturbed with the finding, which is significantly higher than the previous year’s result of 28 percent, and that it “highlights the need for more awareness campaigns of the disease” targeting both patients and healthcare professionals.

The charity said that “this lack of aftercare” was also reflected in the 27 percent who said they felt abandoned after surgery and wanted more contact with health professionals, up from 24 percent from the year ago period.

In other findings, 29 percent of people reported not knowing what type of kidney cancer they have, which is up from 19 percent a year ago, while 52 percent of people said they were ‘not given enough information about kidney cancer’, up from 49 percent.

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Dena Battle is the President and cofounder of KCCure.

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