Cindy Kornreich – Director, Online Patient Communities

Cindy Kornreich

Cindy Kornreich was diagnosed nine years ago with localized kidney cancer.  Following her nephrectomy, she struggled with finding the right doctor to get the follow-up she needed.  In addition to advocating for herself, she made it her mission to make sure that others didn’t suffer from the same problems.

Since joining KCCure, Cindy has helped us to build successful and sustainable patient communities, by welcoming new patients, helping folks to find the right community that fits their needs and making sure that they have the information they need for whatever issue they’re facing at that moment.

Whether it’s a list of things to take the hospital for surgery or a chart detailing the latest treatment for RCC – Cindy knows who needs it and how to get it to them. She is instrumental in our efforts to improve the lives of cancer patients.

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