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A DNA Rosetta Stone – Translation Missing for Kidney Cancer

For kidney cancer, more research is needed for genomic analysis to inform personalized treatments.

In Kidney Cancer Care, You are the Center of the Team

When it comes to kidney cancer care, are patients and caregivers part of the team?

Curing Kidney Cancer Takes Big Thinking

To find a cure for kidney cancer, we need the kind of fearless thinking that put a man on the moon.

To Cure Kidney Cancer, Grow the Community of Specialists

Curing and treating kidney cancer is a two-part challenge: raising research funds and attracting researchers to use them.

Are you an Advocate for Kidney Cancer Research?

I didn't plan to be a kidney cancer advocate—it found me, and one day, there was just no turning back.

My Kidney Cancer Team and the Road to NED

By Mike Venable - I have a medical dream team, fine doctors who are the reason I’m classed as no evidence of disease (NED).

SPORE Grant Awarded to UTSW Kidney Cancer Program

Dr. James Brugarolas discusses the $11 million award for kidney cancer research.

Kidney Cancer Oncologist Breaks the Glass Ceiling

I was thrilled to see the unexpected news that Dr. Toni Choueiri will become Director of the Genitourinary Oncology Disease Center and the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology.

Curing Kidney Cancer – An Anniversary to Celebrate

It seems unfair to use the word anniversary to mark the day your husband died. I'm looking forward to another anniversary - the day we cure kidney cancer.

No Tie July Raised $110,000 to Cure Kidney Cancer!

We did it! KCCure raised enough donations during No Tie July to fund our first kidney cancer research grant!

Committed to a Cure for Kidney Cancer

Five years ago a doctor told me I had kidney cancer. KCCure exists to fund the research necessary to end this cancer. Will you help us?

A Tribute to Life and a Mission for a Cure

Today would have been my late husband's 48th birthday. Help us share his story and raise funds to cure kidney cancer.

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