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New Clinical Trial for Kidney Cancer Treatment

A new class of drugs called HIF-2 inhibitors could change the landscape for kidney cancer.

To Cure Kidney Cancer, Grow the Community of Specialists

Curing and treating kidney cancer is a two-part challenge: raising research funds and attracting researchers to use them.

My Kidney Cancer Team and the Road to NED

By Mike Venable - I have a medical dream team, fine doctors who are the reason I’m classed as no evidence of disease (NED).

SPORE Grant Awarded to UTSW Kidney Cancer Program

Dr. James Brugarolas discusses the $11 million award for kidney cancer research.

No Tie July Raised $110,000 to Cure Kidney Cancer!

We did it! KCCure raised enough donations during No Tie July to fund our first kidney cancer research grant!

Committed to a Cure for Kidney Cancer

Five years ago a doctor told me I had kidney cancer. KCCure exists to fund the research necessary to end this cancer. Will you help us?

Gary Poteat – A Kidney Cancer Warrior

Gary Poteat is a kidney cancer warrior. Join our mission and fight alongside him and thousands more to put an end to this disease.

The Difficult Talks After Kidney Cancer

There’s no such thing as a right or wrong way to tell your children that one of their parents (and your spouse) has died. No one wants to talk about these things, but we have to.

Chris Finan – In Memoriam

Christopher Michael Finan (1977-2016) was born in Fort Campbell, Ky., the son of John and Janice (Baldery) Finan Jr. He earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of Saint Mary and married Eva Ellen Hanson in 2013. Chris is survived by his wife and his two-year-old daughter, Ellen Christine. He was a loving husband to Eva, an amazing father to Ellen, and a devoted friend. Chris...

John Costa – In Memoriam

John Costa was bold and passionate. He loved laughter, loved food, and most importantly, loved people. When he was diagnosed with kidney cancer, he told the doctors that he was going to beat it, and his story would be on their website. John stopped at nothing, traveling the country many times over to find the best and most aggressive treatment. He was also a generous man donating personally and ra...

How Women Support Kidney Cancer Research in No Tie July

During No Tie July, men are taking off their ties and donating to KCCure, but what can women do to show their support for kidney cancer research?

Kidney Cancer – A Threat We Can End

Chris Battle, who founded Security Debrief, died from kidney cancer in 2013, and today, we have an opportunity to pick up the fight where Chris left off.

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