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Voice of Kidney Cancer – Dan Lampinen

Voice of Kidney Cancer – Dan Lampinen

Psalm 46:10 10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

My faith journey started 53 years ago, the day I was born I was 2 lbs 10 oz., and had a double hernia, and have been a positive fighter since day one!

A year ago November 2019 after not feeling well for over 7 months, I had lost 70 lbs in 6 months, a CT scan finally revealed that I had stage 4 Kidney cancer. My doctor gave us the news, my wife was in tears as fear set in. But I told my doctor “that’s awesome!” She was shocked at my reaction.

I said now I know what I have, and I have 2 kidneys ” take one”! Well it wasn’t that easy, nine days in the hospital a year ago December. I came home from the hospital weighing 97 lbs from 172 lbs 7 months earlier.

I’ve lived 12 months now with stage 4 kidney cancer, and I have continued doing great on my immunotherapy treatments. When my faith was all I had I felt defeated and near death.”

“Be still and know” has been my theme! We serve a BIG GOD and I’ve learned to live life to its fullest, love God and love others! Thanks to my wife & 3 children, my family, faith, a positive attitude and lots of prayers my faith has been strong and my Father has been glorified and I feel great!

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