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Treatment Advances in RCC

April 20, 2020

Today, Exelixis and BMS announced positive results from a Phase 3 trial combining Cabometyx (cabozantinib) with Opdivo (nivolumab) as a first-line treatment in advanced RCC.

What does that mean for patients? In trial, the combination of Opdivo+Cabometyx showed superiority in both tumor control and overall survival versus patients who were treated with Sutent (sunitinib) alone. More information about the results of this trial will be reported out soon and the companies will likely file for approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the next few months.

When will it be available? We cannot say for certain when this new drug combination will be approved and available for patients. However, based on previous experience, our prediction is that it will likely happen before the end of the year.

Positive trial results like this are exciting for the field. This research means that new options will be available for patients in the near future. If approved, Cabometyx + Opdivo will be the fourth combination approved for first line treatment of advanced RCC. Combination treatments offer an opportunity to attack kidney cancer from multiple pathways. Each new combination is a step toward more curative strategies for metastatic kidney cancer.

Our thanks go out to the many patients who participated in these trials and made this research possible.

Read the full announcement here

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