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March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

Kidney Cancer Month

Help us tell the world that kidney cancer exists, that we’re fighting and that we need a cure! During Kidney Cancer Awareness Month:

  • Visit us at KCCure each day, where we’ll share a new story from someone whose life has been touched by kidney cancer. We share Kidney Cancer Patient Stories to let others know that they’re not alone.
  • SHOW YOUR COLORS! Every Friday, wear orange or green to raise awareness for #kidneycancer. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
  • Choose a KCCure overlay for your Facebook profile and let others know why kidney cancer research is important to you!

For some cancers, “awareness” campaigns save lives.  Signs and symptoms or early diagnostic tests can mean catching a cancer earlier – in a more treatable form. 

But in kidney cancer, signs and symptoms usually don’t occur until cancer is more advanced and unfortunately, we still don’t have early screening technology for kidney cancer.

At KCCure, Kidney Cancer Awareness month is about bringing patients, caregivers, researchers and doctors together to make our collective voice loud and clear.

Get inspired, connect with others, help make the VOICE OF KIDNEY CANCER heard!

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