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Thank a Friend and Help Fund Research!

Below is a tweet from Adam Stern – physician, kidney cancer survivor, and now best selling author of Shrunk MD – a book of cartoons that he recently published.

“I’m reaching out to anyone who has influenced me over the months since my own diagnosis and offering to send a copy to help raise money for @kcCURE.”

Shrunk MDWhen Adam came to us with the idea of selling his book as a fundraising effort for KCCure – I was thrilled and grateful. When he raised over $5,000 in a week for kidney cancer research – I was amazed.

His tweet this morning reminded me about how crucial the kidney cancer community is – and how important it is to help connect patients with one another.

“I’m reaching out to anyone who has influenced me over the months since my own diagnosis…”

I’ll still never forget the first person who reached out to me after my husband was diagnosed. It was Liz Lewis. A fellow caregiver. I found her on Facebook. She sent me a note on Easter and told me that we were going to be ok. She connected me with hundreds of other people who were in the same boat. And I was no longer alone.

Cancer turns our lives upside down. And the friends and family that we rely on most are often the people who are least equipped to help in that moment of crisis. They don’t know what to say – often because they’re struggling with their own grief and fear.

Connecting with others dealing with the same diagnosis is a lifeline. 

Who influenced you? Who sent out that first line of rescue? If you know what I’m talking about – will you do me a favor?

  • Share the story about who influenced you and thank them!  
  • Support Adam and buy a copy of Shrunk MD. Even better? Buy it at Amazon Smile and designate KCCure – Kidney Cancer Research Alliance as your charity – you’ll be funding research twice!
  • Or simply make a donation via the website or Facebook honoring the amazing communities of support that exist for kidney cancer patients.

Together – We Are Not So Alone.  Together – We Can Cure Kidney Cancer.

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Dena Battle is the President and cofounder of KCCure.

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