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Voices of Kidney Cancer

kidney cancer voices

KCCure wishes to thank everyone in the kidney cancer community for sharing their voices in March for Kidney Cancer Awareness Month.

We received more stories than there are days in March!!  If you sent us a story and it has not been published yet, we have it saved for publication at a later date.

Why do we publish stories?

Each story is a reminder that no one is alone in the fight against kidney cancer.  Stories also help showcase the strong kidney cancer community that exists between patients, caregivers, providers, researchers — a community dedicated to fighting this disease together.  This month, we shared stories from people dealing with localized disease, metastatic disease and from loved ones dealing with loss.

  • Ted shared his story of participating in a clinical trial – and how doing so has resulted in a complete response rendering him free of disease.
  • Kim and Aaron discussed their struggle with seeking out a second opinion – but how doing so helped Aaron go from barely being able to function to shoveling snow and eating full meals again in just a matter of days.
  • Joanne inspired us with her story of being diagnosed while pregnant and fighting everyday to be able to celebrate her daughter’s 4th birthday.
  • Mary memorialized her husband in Chris’s Story reminding us all why KCCure exists.  Because this disease exists and it robs too much from our world. A cure can’t come fast enough.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who shared your stories and to all of our readers who commented on them and helped us spread awareness by sharing them with others!

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