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Voice of Kidney Cancer – Words from Forrest

kidney cancer survivorship

Forrest is a stage 3 kidney cancer survivor.  He recently shared these thoughts in our clear cell kidney cancer patient community.  His words not only showcase how many patients feel on a daily basis – they also explain why we believe that connecting with other patients and caregivers is such a crucial part of survivorship for kidney cancer patients. Thank you Forrest for inspiring others! We hope today is a good day. But good or bad, we are all here to support you.

My wife and I were talking last night, about how, in my career in the military and law enforcement, I faced many difficult, life altering, events. She asked me how I handled those things.  Well the true answer is not so well… that’s why now I struggle with severe PTSD. With Anxiety and Depression. I have pseudo-seizures that almost control my life.

I told her though, to get through each day, you set goals, or at least there was measures to the madness –  mission complete, you made it to base, you made a release point, or rally point. However, I’m finding that there is no release point or rally point, with this current battle I’m engaged in.

So I need to see or hear the bad and even horrible stories, I need to know there is loss, and setbacks, BUT I also need to see and hear the good and wonderful stories, of over coming, relief, and victories. No matter how big or little.

Hope is a pin point. It starts at the micro level, and spreads. That’s why it can be extinguished so easily. It can also be so hot and bright that no darkness can impede it.

Someone’s hope may come from the slightest of things. Maybe even an emoji that someone leaves in a comment. It may take someone’s entire experience, to raise that pin point of hope. I believe truly in what my grandpa taught me, you can never have any good without the bad. You’ll never appreciate if you don’t know the other side.

So…. for me I want to see and read the victories, I need to know the setbacks. Share your stories, you never know what tidbit someone may need.

As of today, I’m having some set backs with side effects, nothing too major. Just aggravations, Diarrhea, fatigue, discomforts. Tomorrow it could be worse, or it could be better.

It’s your stories and experiences that will get me through those and give me check points when I need them. When some one new joins our merry band, I hope they can find a pin point in something of my experience. I know I found hope in some past points and stories, that’s why I say these support groups are great. You guys have helped me more in the past couple weeks than all the Drs in the past 6 months.

Thank you! Keep up the fight!

Have you been diagnosed with kidney cancer? Learn more about patient support communities available for you!

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