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Pearls of wisdom in an oyster cracker

Pearls of wisdom in an oyster cracker

I do see the pearl of wisdom even if it’s in an oyster cracker in a styrofoam cup.

Today was my first and last scan for the year.

A first because I’m on a different kind of treatment now which is not chemotherapy based, but immune therapy based. First scan on a new drug always has my thoughts in open waters and sinking. Oysters are heavy you know.

And last, because I have no more scans for the rest of the year! If you knew how often I am scanned, (think claustrophobic tendencies AND being completely still for sometimes an hour and a half at a pop) you would also be rejoicing. Hard to swallow without hot sauce for sure and since I don’t eat oysters, the seasoned cracker kind will do just fine.

I often wonder how my body can ingest all these toxins for almost 11 years living with kidney cancer and still be the pearl that is my outlook. After all, let’s be honest, you probably take many a thing for granted but I know that being thankful for good health and a rock solid attitude helps a lot. No matter what is thrown at you, filter it and spit it out. Then maybe you can reveal the true gem inside.

Since I can’t live in the oyster bed with all my peeps awaiting the next pearl to be discovered, give me a nice cup filled with Christmas oyster crackers in my cup holder and I will be fine.

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Holly Johnston is an 11-year kidney cancer survivor, a photographer and writer, and a lover of life.

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